As seen from our Helo.   Shot by LTJG Mark Simmons

Trieste Christmas 1987 by Jim Pattison

Photos provided by Phil Atwood, plank owner
"Leroy"  by Phil Atwood

Gun shoot (is that Gunner McGuire?) by Jim Pattison

Leaving Charleston
The bridge by unknown    All others by Gail Pattison
Provided by John Reed

Taken from Valdez 19 Oct 75
by Douglas Cable

by Perry Hansen

In Roosevelt Roads, P.R.
by Perry Hansen

IO Sunset And Suez Canal 1980
by Fred Bechtoldt

"Bones" on boat deck at 28 knots and Med 1981 returning from IO
by Fred Bechtoldt
Med 1981 both pictures
by Fred Bechtoldt

John Parr and Leo Hupp
by John Parr

by John Parr

NAVOCFORMED 1976 From Port to Starboard TCG Berk (Turkish), ITS Indomito (Italian), RFA Gold Rover (UK Supply Ship), USS Jesse L Brown and finally HMS Mohawk
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Passing through Gibraltar by the CO of USS Nicholson
Antalya Turkey 1987 by    Jim Pattison
HIFR by Jim Pattison
Sick Bay by HM3 Reed
Towing ops off Spain '77
picture taken from USS Valdez (FF-1096)
by Douglas H. Cable
With USS LaSalle during 76-77 Med deployment by
Douglas Cable
Another picture from the Canal this by Dino Maynor
Returning Home
by John Parr
Holding the High Line
by John Parr