Up and Running, Again!

Jul 04, 2014

As many of you may know, this website has been down for almost a year.  While we were able to obtain FF1089.net and FF1089.org and host the website at those domains, this domain name was in limbo.  The website hosting for FF1089.com had expired but the registration was still with Mr. Ray.  While we have tried numerous times over the past year plus to work with Mr. Ray to transfer and re-instate the website, our efforts at communications went unanswered.  

We sincerely, hope that Mr. Ray is alive and well and nothing drastic has taken place.  If anyone has any news concerning Mr. Ray the entire website volunteer team would be very interested in hearing it.  

Just recently the domain name FF1089.com was not renewed by Mr. Ray and went to auction on the GoDaddy.com website where it was registered.  One of our astute volunteers found this out and was able to acquire the website domain name FF1089.com.  After the appropriate waiting periods, FF1089.com has been transferred to this volunteer who is working to help establish a FF1089 Fraternal Not for Profit entity.  This entity would maintain the domain name registration, yahoo groups, etc. along with being able to manage donations for annual reunions and other events.

At this time we are working diligently to update the website to new web standards.  The site will include blogging abilities along with responsive technologies that will allow for mobile device integration.  We would sincerely appreciate any and all donations of time, money and most importantly PICTURES and HISTORY/STORIES.

Please help us to help you keep the memories alive.


Tom Frenzel and his volunteer team


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