Pictures from Bill Blackmon


Jeff Koueler?, Ralph Harris,

Myself - Bill Blackmon and Pat Twomey

  ? Johnson
3 hard working engineers   Bill's first XO LCDR Carney
Bill's second CO & BM3 Gary Orso   Shepphard
Weapons Officer Frank Godbald?   Underway
CPO quarters   OOD  MM1 Beckman
CPO quarters   Another Chief at work
Eldred Getting some air   Navare and Gary Paxton

on the flight deck

Who and where is this?   Bradley
? Leaving Charleston   Allen
Paul Redmond   Harris
BM 1 Hinser in Taranto, Italy   Captain's Gig headed in with

Ralph Harris finishing his tour

Ensign Deacon   Reagan, Harris and Miller (seated)
Ralph Harris, Gary Orso and Raguine   Haas
Caldwell running transmission

checks on the ASROC

  Cooking hamburgers in Italy
Gibbons - Surprised Isn't He!   Bill Blackmon Mt. Etna, Cantina, Sicily
Ron Bolton -The Barracks in New Brunswick   ?