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This page is dedicated to the Engineers of the Jesse L Brown from 1978-1981

Unitas XX

Indian Ocean 1980-81

North Atlantic 1981

All the photos on this page were provided by Fred Bechtoldt

If you have any corrections or names that we don't have, please let the webmaster know.


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BT3 Shultz at the B div party 1980 Waiting for the liberty bus in Rota
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BT3 "Bones", BT3 "Bullet" BT3 "Spike same party BT3 Shultz up a tree after a baseball which wasn't retrieved
3-005.jpg (27592 bytes) 3-007.jpg (41993 bytes)
BT3 Gary E.-his true passion Crossing the Line IO cruise 80-81 Beauty Queen-BT3 "Spike", King Neptune-HT1 ?, Davy Jones-BT3 Moosehead, #32-?, Royal Wog Guard-BTFN "Toolbox" Terry
3-003.jpg (28265 bytes)  
Left BTFN "Batman" right BTC "Mr. Slate" Emerson  

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